The Act “Network of Prevention and Immediate Social Intervention in the Municipality of Piraeus – Social Innovation Piraeus”, with the modeling of the Mechanism for planning social interventions, aims to create an integrated network for identifying and recording needs in the area of the Municipality of Piraeus, the ability to deal with emergency situations prioritizing the support of our weakest fellow citizens, the implementation of targeted interventions of a social nature to all socially vulnerable groups as well as individuals who experience social and economic exclusion, the strengthening of social cohesion and the prevention of marginalization and alienation from social life.

The Act falls under the Invitation: PIR018, Code. Complete Strat. Chor. Rev.: 1092, NSRF OPS N / A: 4234, invitation for submission of proposals in the Operational Program “Attica 2014-2020”, in Priority Axis 09 “Promotion of Social Inclusion and Fight against Poverty and Discrimination – Ensuring Social Cohesion”, which is co-financed by the European Social Fund (ECB), entitled: “Improving the Effectiveness of Social Inclusion, the Fight against Poverty and Discrimination, through the Methodological and Functional Integration of Social Inclusion Interventions in the City of Piraeus, and the development of a Homogenized Network of Prevention and Immediate Social Intervention”, with ΑΔΑ: Ω7ΙΣΩΞΥ-ΠΥΗ, in the context of submitting a funding application in the Operational Program “Attica 2014-2020”.

The project includes three (3) work packages, aiming at the effective achievement of its objectives

  1. P.1. “Organization & Operation of the social Mechanism / Operation & Coordination”
  1. W.P.2. “Interventions for the support of Social Inclusion in the Municipality of Piraeus”
  2. W.P.3. “Development of tools and information systems – Additional research and expertise”

The “Support interventions and complementary services of special and emergency needs” in the context of Deliverable 2 of the Act, include the creation of a mechanism to prevent the phenomenon of social exclusion in the Municipality of Piraeus. In other words, it is about creating a system to provide psychosocial, material and financial assistance to residents who are in immediate need.

In this context, as their main activity, the Direct Intervention Officers observe, identify and record the special needs of citizens on a case-by-case basis but also synthetically, of each socially vulnerable group.

Therefore, through their contact with people with mobility difficulties or disabilities, they noticed that simple everyday things, such as visiting a cultural center, a museum, paying a bill or handling bureaucratic issues in a public service and the free provision services from social structures seem like an impossible task, a sea of suffering, and many times unattainable actions.

As the object of the “Prevention and Direct Social Intervention Network in the Municipality of Piraeus” program is to improve the effectiveness of social inclusion actions and the fight against poverty and discrimination, it could not fail to take action and promote initiatives related to individuals who have mobility problems. For this reason, it undertook the design and development of a digital application, which will be a valuable tool in the hands of all people with mobility problems.

This application essentially works as a map of accessible points for the disabled in Piraeus. It includes points of cultural and sporting interest (such as museums, theaters, stadiums, swimming pools, gyms, seatrac, etc.), points of social support and structures (such as social structures, etc.), points of accessibility to businesses (such as cafes, restaurants, retail or wholesale stores, etc.) , and points of tourist interest (such as museums, parks, hotels, etc.).

Our goal is to provide accessibility information easily, quickly, simply, on a common platform/application gathering all the useful services and information mapped for a Piraeus Accessible to All.

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